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Holistic Consultations Will Help To:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Change Unwanted Patterns
  • Open Doors to More Happiness
  • Awaken Deeper Spritual Awareness
  • Increase Sense of Personal Empowerment
  • Improve Relationships and Communication Skills
  • Create Excellent, Harmonious, Group Endeavor

Holistic Consultations

Psychosynthesis is being emphasized in my practice in the greater Sarasota area. Clients are very enthusiastic about the results of this endeavor. On going involvement with this methodology is a life, which build on the foundation of a sturdy personality, is infused with love, wisdom, creativity and joy. Psychosynthesis is an experience which can produce personal and spiritual development in a relatively short period of time. Relationships are almost always positively affected.

The framework for Psychosynthesis was created by Roberto Assagioli, MD, an Italian psychiatrist and a man of great wisdom. The model utilizes methods such as Gestalt, inner dialogue and guided visualizations that go beyond just talking. Home practice opportunities are prat of the process that quicken and reinforce a clients progress.

The beginning phases usually focus on clearing away blockages and building a stronger, more harmonious and integrated personality. Simultaneously, we move into the realms of our higher capabilities, the higher unconscious and superconscious. There is so much intuition and inspiration waiting behind the doors of our unconscious mind. With the guidance of the trained professional, students/clients are able to see life as a more unified whole and to release the wellspring of serenity, love-wisdom, walking in more beauty and facing life's challenges with a positive, penetrating attitude.

Mark A. Libowitz, M.A., MSW has been holistically oriented Life Coach for nearly three decades in California and a Life Coach in Sarasota for 13 years. He founded Service Training Centers in Chicago and California teaching interns from eight different colleges and universities innovative approaches to work with youth, elderly families and homeless populations. In 1988 Mark Created the FAMILY HARMONY INSTITUTE which gives families a framework, a roadmap of how to be a successful family. Mark is currently conducting workshops for college-aged students in Holistic Psychology and Lifestyles. Mark's practice in Sarasota is located at Tamiami Trail and Bay-Drive with office hours from 10am to 8pm.

Participant's Testimonials

Marks years of experience are revealed in a confident reassuring voice. In an alignment sequence i felt renewed in my wholeness, illuminated by the resilient beauty within me.
- T. K.

The session began by talking about some challenges going on in my life at this time. Then Mark guided me in a visualization that not only gave me more insight but was absolutely transformational. I received both healing and expansion.
- K. T.

I was stressed, exhausted, and skeptical when the meeting began, but i was willing to try a new experience. During the hour i became much more centered, peaceful, and energized like i could cope with the challenges before me.
- C.M.

Marks skills and methods he teaches are pure gold. I highly recommend these consultations to anybody seaking Self Mastery.
- K.K.

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