Holistic Lifestyles Community

Workshop May 20th, 2012 Students ages 19-23

Vision Statement

To provide the opportunity for college age students to become a whole person, integrating their physical, emotional, mental and trans-personal/spiritual nature. To give students greater clarity regarding a purposeful lifestyle and career path. To give participants the opportunity to make connections with like-minded peers and a fulfilling sense of community. To provide students who are ready to teach and facilitate an aspect of the workshops and co-create other related holistic community activities and programs.

Student Testimonials

"It can teach students vital life skills such as stress management, developing close bonds with others, benefits of physical, emotional and mental health, self-love, discovering their life purpose and numerous other lessons" Katherine Kirche, Student

"I not only developed the tools to deal with painful issues I had been struggling with for years, I found a community of friends that I've grown to love and that have become a support system for me." Mauricette Jorgensen, Student

"These workshops can help students cope with their problems and guide them in a healthy direction that is mindful of the connection between our bodies, our actions, our spirits and our minds."Corey Rae Rodda, Student

"I...gained insight into constructive ways to deal with stress and my emotions, as well as promote my overall well-being." Michael Gonzales, Students

Expanded Project Vision

The series of 7 workshops presented are based on the model of Transpersonal Psychology (Psychosynthesis) developed by psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, M.D. The field of Transpersonal Psychology is recognized and taught by universities in the United States, Europe and beyond. Students have requested that this project now be expanded into a Holistic Lifestyles Community which will include seminars and workshops provided by some of Sarasota's best holistically oriented teachers and health practitioners. Our intention is to co-create excellent film and music celebrations, potluck socials, learning excursions into nature and one full weekend retreat. Our student and facilitator goal is to provide interested participants excellent health and well-being skills as well as interpersonal and life purpose clarity that will greatly improve their lives immediately and for decades to come. Students are encouraged to fully document their participation in workshops, seminars and community service endeavors and ask for college course credit. We will continue to expand our documentation and begin drafting the Institute for Whole Person Education and Training manual, a document that can be used by innovative colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Mark A. Libowitz M.A. MSW   (941) 924-4395